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Michelle's Priorities

Principled. Committed. Conservative.

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Stand Up For The Taxpayers

I will be a watchdog for the taxpayers by advocating for transparent budgeting and opposing unnecessary tax increases.

Defending Public Safety

I will be an advocate for those who protect us and oppose all efforts to defund our essential public safety services. I will ensure all of our first responders have the necessary resources to successfully do their job, and continue to keep our community safe.

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Improving Infrastructure

I will be a strong advocate for responsible investment to improve our community's outdated infrastructure. Our roads, sidewalks, and buildings represent our city, and we have to ensure they are properly maintained.

Promoting Economic Oppurtunity

I am a product of the Texas and American dream. I will be a fierce advocate for job creation and economic growth. Together, we will keep District 5 and Longview a great place to live, work, and prosper by creating more local opportunities.

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Michelle's Priorities: Issues
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