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Michelle Gamboa

for Longview City Council - District 5

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State Senator Bryan Hughes Endorses Michelle Gamboa

“I am not at all surprised that Michelle Gamboa has launched a campaign for City Council. Considering the requirements and duties of a City Council Member, I can confidently and unreservedly say that Michelle is the best person for the job. I knew Ms. Gamboa by reputation before I had the privilege of meeting her. Her family is known in East Texas for embodying the American Dream: immigrants who through hard work, ingenuity, and faithful service have enjoyed great success in business. True to American capitalism, they voluntarily share their success with their community and those in need. Growing up in that family, and the family business, Michelle learned her values as she saw them lived out. I have often compared Michelle to Margaret Thatcher, who so often applied the lessons she had learned from her father in the family grocery store as she dealt with complex and vexing challenges as Prime Minister. I have spent enough time with her to know that she takes her responsibilities seriously and she performs them well. She keeps her word, honors her commitment, and will be an excellent City Council Member. I encourage you to join me in supporting her campaign.” - State Senator Bryan Hughes.

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